Performance Testing Results

OLS tunnel ventilation dampers and their actuators have been rigorously tested according to UL555s: “Leakage Rated Dampers For Use In Smoke Control System” for its reliability, temperature resistance, air tightness and ability to operate under dynamic conditions.

During the tests, the dampers were first subjected to a pre-conditioning cycling test. They were then tested for their temperature resistance of 250 degrees celcius for a total duration of 2 hours. Air leakage test that was carried out on the dampers immediately after the degradation tests indicated a leakage factor of less than 0.5%, based on a duct velocity of 10.2m/sec at a pressure differential of 1000 pascals. The dampers and its actuators were finally tested for proper functioning under operating conditions of 10.2m /sec airflow and pressure differential of 2000 pascals. In addition, the SD60 dampers were pressure tested to 6000 pascals and for pressure loss. Results of the tests are shown on the graphs below.



After the 2 hour temperature degradation tests, the dampers and actuators were able to open and close tightly while at 250 degrees celcius. The operation of the dampers and their actuators were satisfactory under a velocity of 10.2m/s and pressure differentials of 2000 and 2650 pascals, for SD20 and SD60 respectively, where the dampers were able to open and close fully under dynamic conditions.


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