Features of the OLS Tunnel Ventilation Damper



Tough & Enduring

OLS tunnel ventilation dampers with their heavy gage material construction and fully welded corners, provide strength and tolerance to endure rough site handling. The specially designed blades enable the dampers to withstand high-pressure fluctuations. The dampers have been tested to 6000-pascal pressure differential.

Reliable & Superior in Quality

The high quality galvanized steel used for OLS tunnel ventilation dampers with stainless steel moving parts prevent the damper from seizure.

Low Leakage

OLS tunnel ventilation dampers are designed to effectively seal openings when closed. This is an essential feature of smoke control and isolation dampers that are used in subway tunnels to control the movement of airflow and toxic smoke. Such safety design is important to prevent loss of lives during a fire. Standard dampers are able to provide air tightness of 99.86% (i.e. a leakage rate of 14 × 10-3m3/s/m2) based on duct design velocity of 10.2 m/s at 1000-pascal pressure differential across the closed damper or 99.99% (i.e. a leakage rate of 8 × 10-4m3/s/m2) based on duct design velocity of 10.2 m/s at 100-pascal pressure differential across the closed damper.

Low Airflow Resistance

The aerodynamic design of OLS tunnel ventilation dampers with their airfoil blades present very low resistance to airflow. Designers should take note that pressure loss presented represents the damper characteristics and that system loss can be significantly higher.

Temperature Resistant

OLS tunnel ventilation dampers and their actuators are also designed to handle hot gases of temperatures ranging from 150°C to 250°C. for duration of up to 2 hours. This is possible because of the special components used and the ability of the dampers to absorb the thermal expansion in the presence of hot gases.

Ease of maintenance & Installation

The damper frames may have pre-punched holes on them for easy installation. To install the dampers within building walls, sleeves may be used and they are provided with retaining angles for ease of installation. Due to the high quality material used for the dampers and its moving parts, the dampers are virtually maintenance-free. Though the dampers are designed to be maintenance-free, the dampers may be tested regularly to ensure proper functioning of the pneumatic or electric system, and that there are no obstructions to the blade movements. Tests can be carried out remotely if the dampers are installed with suitable limit switches.

OLS tunnel ventilation dampers come in modular designs, which can be easily assembled into larger dampers on site. For large dampers, designer and installer should take note that robust installation frames should be provided for assembly of the damper on site. The installation frame may be provided upon request at addition cost.


Modular Designs of OLS Tunnel Dampers



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