About OLS Manufacturing Co.

OLS Manufacturing Co. was incorporated in 1973 and began as a manufacturing company in the HVAC Industry in Singapore. Today, OLS boasts strong business ties with many countries in the world and enjoys a strong reputation in the industry.

Our Mission

Creating solutions for the maintenence of good and safe indoor environments with the aim towards healthy living and wellness.

Our Vision

To place emphasis on continual product improvements and every aspect of our business to become the highest quality producer in every market we serve.

Under the OLS Manufacturing Co, we work with Tunnel Dampers. But under the broader OLS Group of companies, our product range spans across 3 of our subsidiaries:

Connols-Air : Air Distribution Products

VI-SON Acoustics : Acoustic Treatment and Silencers

Zone Master :  Health therapy and well being products

OLS Manufacturing has a Singapore manufacturing plant, as well as in house testing facilities. We are also currently building a Malaysian plant, and the set up of our representative office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

For more information on product details of each of the above categories, please use the links provided to look at the products we offer.


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